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What is Tummys. Tinys. Tots. & Tween Expo?

* A professional company that is dedicated to creating effective marketing opportunities for new and existing companies whose target audience is parents, moms, children, tweens and or families.

* An expo-style showcase designed to offer businesses face-to-face marketing opportunities to clients in their direct target market.

* A day of F.U.N., an expo where sponsors/exhibitors are able to speak directly to potential clients about new and exisiting products and services, the latest trends, innovative products and specialty services available for the parent, children and tween markets.

* An event which boasts a full day of  F.U.N. for the entire family, seminars, activities, pampering, shopping, giveaways and prizes.

Detroit Baby Expo Sweet Display Michigan Baby Show

Detroit Baby Expo Sweet Display Michigan Baby Show

* A cost-effective, time-efficient, face-to-face, one-stop shopping expo for the pregnancy thru tween markets.

* Southeast Michigan’s (Detroit Baby expo) largest, most coveted, most F.U.N., most marketed expo for Tummys. Tinys. Tots. & Tweens!!

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